What To Do When Lawyers Seek You Out For Personal Injury Cases


Have you ever noticed there is attorney advertising all around you? Some people don’t realize it but you can find an attorney by driving down the street. There are law office commercials on your favorite radio station, advertising on bus benches, buses and more. Plus, there are television commercials every time you watch a program. So why would an attorney need to seek you out for a case? Generally, all this advertising brings the customers to the attorney’s not the other way around.

Reputable attorney offices usually have a budget for advertising. Smaller firms might have a lesser budget than larger firms, but it doesn’t mean they don’t offer good service. In fact, most small firms are only small because they prefer to keep it that way and provide customers with one-on-one attention, that some larger firms struggle to keep up with at times.

People that have experienced injuries are focused on healing and recovering so they can go back to living their normal daily life. There has been a lot of people saying they have been contacted by attorneys and law offices for personal injury cases. While some of these law offices are reputable offices reaching out the injured people in their community, others are a scam.

If you are injured and a law office contacts you to open a personal injury case, do the following.

  • Don’t give out any of your personal information. This includes your name, social security number, address or anything else.
  • Ask for their name and the name of the law office. Then research it online immediately. Do they have a webpage? While a web page might cause you to you feel confident this is a reputable law office, anyone can create a web page online and make it look professional. Continue your research by contacting the BBB or Better Business Bureaus to see if they have a rating.
  • Contact the law office directly. Try to contact them at the number they called you from. If you contact a law office that sounds professional and provides an address that you can visit in person, the situation looks like it might be ok. However, if you call the number that contacted you back and someone answers the phone unprofessionally, you should hang up immediately.

The fact is successful law offices don’t need to contact new clients or chase people to open a case. All the advertising you see and hear around South Florida attracts customers to the office. You might have already contacted an attorney by seeing a commercial on television while you are recovering. If you are contacted by an attorney or law office, you should put your guard up and protect yourself by not giving out any information and choosing to work with and hire an attorney that has a good reputation in your area.