What to do After Slip and Fall Incident

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are hazardous as it can cause injuries to your head or result in multiple fractures. If this accident took place due to another person, business or a mishap at a property owner’s premises, then seeking legal help might be the only way to recover your medical expenses. After you have suffered a fall, there are a few actionable steps that you need to follow which will help you in proving that the property owner or business has caused the accident.

Steps to be Taken After a Slip and Fall Accident

If you wish to get compensated for a slip and fall accident in the shortest possible time, then you need to take a few quick steps that will help you in getting immediate help. We have listed these steps below.

Get Medical Attention

While many slip and fall accidents give minor injuries, the possibility of internal bleeding, head injuries, and fractures cannot be ruled out. Due to this, it is necessary that you get medical attention as soon as possible which will help you in getting things in writing and detailed information about the injuries occurred. Getting your medical condition documented as soon as it happens helps you in getting your claim faster.

Get Everything Documented

You need to document all the details that you require to show your lawyer right after the accident. A few details you need to document are as follows: –

  • What lead to the fall
  • Was there a hazardous condition on that premises that caused you to fall. These factors include loose carpets, snow, spilled food and uneven cement.
  • Did you notice any immediate injury and any other external factors that caused the fall?
  • Were any measures taken to alert people about the dangers
  • Take pictures to capture the scene after the incident took place

Identification of Witnesses

Try to note down names, addresses and phone numbers of those who were located around the area where you slipped and fell. This is important as it will strengthen your case when you are trying to blame the landowner for the fall. They can describe the fall and the conditions that caused it.

After you have claimed your slip and fall damage, attorneys and insurance companies of the business or owner responsible will try to interrogate you about the mishap. You need to be co-operative but very careful about what you say. The best thing to do is hire an attorney who is experienced with such cases as they will give you detailed advice about what to say and getting the money, you have claimed.