Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home

Elder Care


Surprisingly, 1/10 nursing home or living facilities patients have been abused or neglected. Nursing home negligence and elder neglect happen when a patient doesn’t receive proper emotional, physical or medical care from the staff. Sometimes the neglect can become so bad that it leads to emotional and physical abuse. Family members that are put into the position of choosing a nursing home for their loved one usually feel scared and overwhelmed with the decision. The following tips will help guide you towards a suitable nursing home for your loved one.

  • Consider the Budget – Learn more about your loved one’s finances so you know the exact budget you need to work with.
  • Research Online – Search for nursing homes in the area where you want your loved one to live. Generally, choosing a nursing home close to your home is best. This will allow you to visit frequently without worrying about a long drive.
  • Narrow Down the Search – Narrow the search by budget. Any nursing home that is priced higher than the budget should be removed from the list.
  • Visit the Facilities – Visit each of the facilities remaining on your list.
  • Cleanliness – As you are given a tour of each facility, look for cleanliness. Are the floors, beds, walls, bathrooms clean?
  • Treatment of Residents – Do the residents at the facility look happy to be there? Keep in mind that elderly patients that are sick might not look happy. But, some patients should look like they at least have a pleasant expression on their face.
  • Food Options – Generally, nursing facilities offer a balanced diet to their residents. The menu might look good on paper. But does the food taste good enough to eat? Residents that don’t eat too much food because it taste’s bad tends to lose weight rapidly which leads to health issues.
  • Activities – Residents of nursing facilities need entertainment and activities to help feed their mind and spirit. Request a list of activities to see if your loved one will enjoy the daily entertainment. The most common activities are movie days, arts, crafts, bingo, board games, guest speakers and book clubs. Exposure to the outdoors is also essential for fresh air and sunshine.

You can take your research a bit further by reading online reviews about the facility. Simply search “the name of the facility reviews.” Carefully read the reviews and decide if the negative comments are something your loved one will be able to live with during their residency. Once you chose a facility for your loved one, visit often and keep your eyes open. If you notice nursing home neglect or abuse happening to your loved one contact an attorney immediately for further assistance.