Product Liability: Dangerous and Defective Products that Lead to Lawsuits


Have you ever purchased a defective product that caused injury? Consumers within the United States come in to contact with products that lead to injury every day. Some manufacturing companies are not aware of the potential dangers while others clearly state warnings on their labels. Consumers that have been injured by a product usually want to hold the manufacturer responsible for the problem.

What is product liability?

The term “product liability” refers to a situation where a seller or manufacturer is held liable for allowing a defective product to enter the hands of consumers. All products sold within the United States are required to meet expectations before reaching the public. Products that has a defect or is dangerous does not meet the requirement. In this type of situation sellers and manufacturers recall the products from the public. If a product is defective or dangerous the responsibility lies with the distribution chain, seller, product manufacturer, wholesaler and the manufacturer of component parts.

Types of Product Defects

  • Manufacturing Defects – This type of defect occurs during the course of the products assembly.
  • Design Defects – This defect occurs before the product is assembled. It is a defect that arises during the design stages that later causes issues once the product is assembled and in the hands of the consumer.
  • Marketing Defects – This type of defect relates to defective marketing such as inadequate safety warnings, improper labeling, and incomplete or misworded instructions.

As you can see from the product defect list shown above there are a variety of ways a product can be defective. However, there are some products available that are dangerous but can’t be fixed because it will lose its purpose. For example, almost every home in the United States has knives in their kitchens. These knives are used for cooking purposes. However, there is a risk of cutting yourself while using the knife. If the manufacturer were to recall the product and make it safer to the public it would lose its purpose. Consumers understand that a knife is dangerous to use and take precautions to protect themselves against injury.

Products that are originally designed for a specific purpose such as a children’s toy that causes injury to the user is an excellent example of a product liability lawsuit. If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product make an appointment today!