Maritime Accidents that Lead to Lawsuits


South Floridians live in paradise and enjoy boating during weekends, holidays and days off from work. Recreational boating is just one of the luxuries residents in South Florida get to enjoy. The only time it turns into a negative situation is when a fun day on the boat turns to disaster when it is involved in a maritime accident. Some maritime accidents are minor and only involve limited damage to the boat and no injuries. However, other boat accidents result in the boat being destroyed and people suffering from severe or catastrophic injuries.

Merchant Marine Act

The Merchant Marine Act, also referred to as the Jones Act allows sailors that are injured to obtain damages from their employers. In this type of situation the negligence of the captain, shipowner or fellow crew members will need to be the direct cause of the injury.

The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) states that employers are responsible for providing their employees (sailors) with wages while out of work, transportation home, medical expenses and sometimes includes covering damages for pain and suffering.

Families that have a loved one die as a result of an employer’s negligence your family is eligible to take advantage of the Death on the High Seas Act and file for compensation.

Cruise Ships and Accidents

Cruise ships sail around the world to beautiful destinations. Some people take pride in choosing to cruise as their favorite way to vacation and travel around the world. Most cruise vacation experiences are wonderful. But, sometimes things happen on board that causes injury which can lead to a lawsuit.

Cruise ships are carefully designed to provide guests with restaurants, pools, slides, gyms, cabins, restrooms, and entertainment. There are so many areas to explore and enjoy while on a cruise ship. However, there are times passengers become injured due to the negligence of the cruise line.

A good example is a cruise ship that knowingly sails through a harsh storm on the seas putting the vessel and passengers at risk. In this case, the captain is held responsible for making a dangerous decision. In other situations, it is the negligence of the cruise line company for not providing safe conditions onboard.

If you have been injured due to a maritime accident make an appointment today. An attorney will review your case and provide more information regarding your specific situation. Call Today!