Hurricane Irma: Property Damage & Insurance Claim Assistance


Hurricane Irma left behind hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage in South Florida. Residents took every precaution to protect their property and their families by installing shutters, placing sandbags around doorways and taking other necessary steps. Unfortunately, hurricane Irma’s strong winds and rain managed to destroy rooftops, windows, plumbing and more throughout the community.

South Florida residents know the next step after a hurricane is to contact their insurance company that holds their homeowner’s insurance policy. Most claims are delayed or declined, unfortunately, while some insurance companies do their best to provide excellent service, many don’t.

There have been reports that some insurance companies in South Florida have disputed the value of some property damage claims or offered an inadequate settlement that doesn’t cover the cost of repairs. This situation has forced homeowners to seek alternative methods to solving repair issues such as taking out personal loans, maxing out credit cards and draining their savings account.

Also, many South Florida residents are experiencing a long wait time for the insurance company to review their claim. This long wait time is causing the damage to the property to become worse. For example, a damaged roof that has leaks gets worse every day. It’s still hurricane season and South Florida experiences frequent rainstorms that cause leaks to become larger exposing the interior of the house to further damage. Common damage is mildew, mold, bacteria and interior exposure to outdoor elements.

If you are having difficulty dealing with your insurance company about property damage due to hurricane Irma, contact us today for further assistance. Our property damage attorneys are prepared to help you settle your claim in a timely manner. We also work hard to seek the maximum compensation available. Don’t hesitate, call today so you can begin moving forward with your life after hurricane Irma.