How Jet Ski Accidents Can Lead to Law Suits


Almost everyone in South Florida can say they have been on a Jet Ski at some point in their life. These watercrafts are highly popular in Miami and the surrounding beaches. Lawsuits involving Jet Skis usually occur when the property is damaged or a person is injured. These damages and injuries need to be serious enough to warrant compensation. While there are Jet Ski accidents that occur frequently in the ocean surrounding South Florida, it’s often difficult to prove who is at fault.


Jet Skis are small, fast and fun to ride. Sometimes Jet Skis come into contact with recreational boats, people, rocks, other Jet Skis, land and more. Generally, people don’t go Jet Skiing alone. They either have a passenger with them on the Jet Ski or there are friends and family members watching from afar. Plus, there are other people on Jet Skis in the same area as well. The fact there are so many people around makes the chances of witnesses to a Jet Ski accident increase, giving the injured person a better chance to prove negligence of the other party.

Product Liability

Jet Skis are designed with extreme care and focus on providing entertainment for people to enjoy. On occasion, a manufacturer can release a perfectly designed Jet Ski to the public that can later prove to have defects. These defects are often the cause of injuries to riders during operation. In this type of scenario, the manufacturer, seller and the distribution chain can be held responsible for the accident.

Operator Liability

The person operating the Jet Ski is often responsible for his or her own injuries or the cause of injury to others. The most common reasons include the operator being reckless, intoxicated or inexperienced. Attorneys often use video footage, eyewitnesses, and testimonies to prove operator liability.

Rental Company Liability

Jet Ski rental companies sometimes are held responsible for allowing customers to use Jet Skis that require maintenance or repairs. This type of liability is difficult to prove since most Jet Ski rental companies demand customers to sign an indemnity waiver prior to using the Jet Ski. While this type of scenario is difficult to prove, it doesn’t mean you should give up hope. The attorney will need to prove that the Jet Ski company that rented the Jet Ski to customers failed to properly repair or maintain their equipment.

If you have been injured in a Jet Ski accident consult with an attorney. Call and make an appointment today!