3 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Elder Care

A nursing home can turn out to be fatal for its resident if timely detection of abuse and neglect does not take place. In recent times, many cases of abuse have been reported while many go unreported due to a resident’s physical inability to report them. Signs of Abuse and neglect might vary with each case but there are a few common factors which make identification easy.

Physical Injuries

Residents above the age of 80 are the most susceptible to physical abuse. Some things you can notice are bruises, cuts, burns, fractures, head injuries. If there are signs of injuries around the breasts or other private parts of the patient, then it is clear that the patient has been abused sexually. While a few injuries can be caused by accident, it is important to know that if it happens repeatedly, it is the nursing home’s failure to provide the patient with proper care. You should also keep in mind that your loved one might be scared or embarrassed to report the problems.  According to a recent report, many elderly die due to fall related injuries or are paralyzed for life. Therefore, it is essential that you look out for signs like these. Physical signs such as bed sore can also be seen as a sign of neglect as they happen only when the patient is malnourished or lies on the bed for a long time without assistance. Proper care by the nursing home can prevent all these ailments.

Changes in Psychological Behavior

Sudden changes in the behavioral pattern of an individual who doesn’t have illnesses connected to it can be counted as abuse. These warning signs need a substantial amount of information before the nursing home can be held guilty for the same. Victims can be subjected to verbal abuse and isolation which can cause changes such as aggression, fear or depression. This may cause your loved ones to form a distance from family and can also cause pseudo dementia. Observing your loved one is vital since they can neglect themselves due to nursing home abuse.

Staff Inattention

At the end of the day, nursing homes are businesses who believe in profit building. In order to do this, they either hire very few caretakers or unskilled ones. This leads to overworked staff with less knowledge and efficiency. This leads to neglect due to which staff is not able to provide timely care. Negligence by the staff results in the inability to give pills on time, maintain hygiene and ignorance. In this case, it is important to report abuse by contacting the Consumer Justice Group and an attorney for further assistance. Make the call today!