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Since the firm’s founding, we have earned Millions of Dollars in verdicts and settlements for injured clients and their families. Our attorneys have received numerous awards from local, state, and national organizations for their work and skill.

Raposo Walled, P.L. is purposefully designed to be big enough for the most complex cases, yet small enough to provide effective, efficient, and personal legal representation. Our firm’s selection of talented attorneys and a courteous and professional staff, our financial strength, and our consistent results have won us the privilege of receiving referrals from previous clients and colleagues around the world.

We handle our cases on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t pay unless we recover for your case.

What Makes Our Firm Unique?

  • Dedicated to maximizing the value of our clients’ cases
  • Proven track record with millions of dollars in verdicts/settlements for our clients
  • Award-winning legal counsel focused on individuals and not insurance companies
  • Contingency fee representation—no fees unless we win your case
  • Unparalleled passion, service, and experience



Maritime Accidents that Lead to Lawsuits

South Floridians live in paradise and enjoy boating during weekends, holidays and days off from work. Recreational boating is just one of the luxuries residents in South Florida get to enjoy. The only time it turns into a negative situation is when a fun day on the...
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Personal Injury Claims and Liability after a Boating Accident

It happens! Boats get into accidents with other vessels or accidentally hit rocks or land causing damage and injuries. Boating accidents are often caused by you or someone else. But, what happens when the cause of the accident and injury is due to a huge wave? While...
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How Jet Ski Accidents Can Lead to Law Suits

Almost everyone in South Florida can say they have been on a Jet Ski at some point in their life. These watercrafts are highly popular in Miami and the surrounding beaches. Lawsuits involving Jet Skis usually occur when the property is damaged or a person is injured....
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Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home

  Surprisingly, 1/10 nursing home or living facilities patients have been abused or neglected. Nursing home negligence and elder neglect happen when a patient doesn’t receive proper emotional, physical or medical care from the staff. Sometimes the neglect can...
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Motorcycle Injuries and Fatalities on the Rise

South Florida’s perfect weather is a dream for motorcyclists. If you own a motorcycle chances are you have enjoyed driving around the city site seeing. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor vehicle report, there have been an increase in motorcycle injuries...
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Common Types of Medical Malpractice Law Suits

Hospitals, doctors, and nurses are often involved in medical practice lawsuits. The case arises when patients are not provided proper health care treatment. Proper medical treatment means different things to people. One person might think the treatment is perfect...
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